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Membership requirements

Bylaws, Article III, Section 1

A.  Active Members

(1) Shall be admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Virginia; (2) Shall maintain a bona fide law office in Henrico County, or shall reside in Henrico County, or shall devote a substantial portion of the member's time to the general practice of law in Henrico County; (3) Shall pay in advance dues as prescribed by the By-Laws; and (4) Shall be a member of the Virginia State Bar.

Any person meeting the above requirements shall be eligible to active membership in the Association upon a majority vote of the Committee on Admissions and upon subscribing to the By-Laws.

The Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney, the Henrico County Attorney, and their full-time assistant attorneys may be active members upon payment in advance of dues as prescribed by the By-Laws and upon a majority vote of the Committee on Admissions and upon subscribing to the By-Laws.

Any member who has been an active member for two years or more may retain such active membership, regardless of change of location of office or residence, so long as all other requirements are met.

B.     Honorary Members

Shall be the active and retired Henrico Judges of the Circuit Court, General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court and such other honorary members may be added from time to time as recommended by the Committee on Admissions and approved by the Board of Directors. Such members shall not be subject to the payment of dues and shall be without power to vote.

C.   Provisions

An applicant for Active membership shall fill out and submit an application to the Committee on Admissions on a form prescribed by that Committee before their application will be considered. Active members of the Association who for any reason cease to comply with any one or more of the requirements for admission to Active membership may be transferred to Honorary membership and/or dropped from membership upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors. 

Honorary members shall have all the privileges of the Association except those of voting, holding office, and except as otherwise expressly limited to Active members by the By-Laws of the Association.

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