President's Message

On May 19, 2020, the 2020-2021 Officers and Directors were sworn in during what is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times for us all, personally and professionally. Unquestionably a first for our organization, Judge Randall Johnson administered the oath by way of Zoom. While an interesting start to my tenure as President, I am excited to take on this role as we start to ease into what will be a “new kind of normal.”

While we still have many uncertainties to face, this is also a unique opportunity to forge new paths in our legal practices and beyond. A huge proponent of self-care and taking time off, my hope is that the new methods we adopt for taking depositions, appearing at hearings and holding meetings will allow for greater efficiency, so that we can trend toward spending more time with friends and loved ones. One of my greatest mentors used to say, “work smarter, not harder,” and I believe we are all learning to do that. Like all new and great things though, this will take time and there will be bumps in the road. We must take those in stride.

One of the greatest challenges for our new Board will be presenting the membership with opportunities for networking, socializing and obtaining CLE credits. As everyone knows, we have already had to cancel some of our most well-attended events. Although left with little choice, we were still disappointed and are currently discussing if, when and how we might attempt a “do-over.” Right now we are taking things day-by-day but I assure you all, we are working diligently to provide our members with chances to interact and learn (and of course, get in your CLEs!).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our now Immediate Past President, Ryan Young, for his leadership over the past year. And to Natalie McClearn, thank you for your guidance. And to all of the Officers and Directors and our Administrator, Erin Jackson, we’ve got this!  

You, our members, are what keep us going. I hope you will continue to stick with us as we continue to navigate this strange new world. And as restrictions are lifted and we all start to venture out, I hope you stay healthy and well. Whatever comes, we are all in this together.

 Emily P. Bishop, Esquire

HCBA President 2020-2021 

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