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President's Message  

As we gather for this week’s spring reception at the beautiful Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, I

would be doing you all a disservice if I failed to mention the spectacular sculpture installation on

exhibit throughout the gardens. It is called Incanto; An Oasis of Lyrical Sculpture, and guests

are invited on “a journey of self-discovery and connection with others and the natural world.” I

can’t think of a more fitting aspiration for the 2023-2024 bar year – “a journey of self-discovery

and connection with others” – as we return to in-person events and more meaningful engagement

with one another.

This year we will continue hosting our various CLEs and social events, which we hope will serve

not as check-the-box obligations, but rather as opportunities to re-engage with our colleagues on

both a professional and personal level. I think we’ve all become a bit rusty at getting out and

about, saying “hello” and shaking hands (or fist bumping or “air fives” or whatever greeting

you’re comfortable with, it’s all good), myself very much included! It is vitally important to our

personal well-being and to the health of the profession that we recognize each other as fellow

human beings, and that’s a whole lot easier to do when we’re in the same room instead of on a


Of course, none of this gets done without a terrific board of volunteers and our administrator,

Erin Jackson, who is the glue that keeps the whole thing together. I also want to be sure and

recognize our Immediate Past President Susan Parrish, who really got the ball rolling in the right

direction last year by bringing back more in-person events and our traditional gatherings like

breakfast with the judges.

There is much more to come as we plan the year ahead. In particular, we will explore ways to

bring newer members of the bar into our membership, and we welcome any and all suggestions

on that and any other ideas you might have to help our Bar flourish. This is about serving your

needs, after all, so don’t hesitate to let us know what they are!

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events. If you get a chance

between now and October, definitely check out the Incanto installation!


Jeffrey P. Miller, Esq.

President, 2023-2024

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